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Cultured Carrot FAQ


Are fermented foods for everyone?

Adding fermented foods to your daily diet is beneficial for mostly EVERYONE. Fermented foods are rich in prebiotics and probiotics and have been associated with a range of health benefits — from better digestion to stronger immunity. Plus getting them from our dressings is not only convenient but delicious.


What is the shelf life of your product?

All of our dressings have been tested and have a best by date on each bottle for 3 months after production. All products consumed within the recommended time will remain fresh for you to enjoy.


 What types of probiotics are in your products?

We use a traditional fermentation process to produce a specific type of probiotic bacteria called lactic acid bacteria, or LAB. The type of probiotic Lactobillales strain varies based on the type of vegetable and the soil. All of our dressings have a biodiversity of two good gut bacteria from two organic vegetables in every bottle so we are confident you will have a happy belly. 


 Are your products organic?

Although our product is not yet USDA certified, we take great pride in sourcing mostly local organic ingredients for all our vegetables, oils and our spices. More than 90% of our ingredients are bought from local farms and producers in Austin.


Do the dressings need to be refrigerated?

Yes, once received they need to be refrigerated. Our dressings will do fine a few days in transit but once you receive your order, they should be refrigerated to maintain their true probiotic potency.


 How will my dressing be packaged?

Caring for and sustaining our environment are core values for us at Cultured Carrot. Your dressing will arrive in a package which is recyclable. This includes the glass bottle, the shipping box and yes even the bottle protection is recyclable.


What are your typical shipping time?

Our dressings are shipped out every Wednesday by 3pm CST. If you place your order before noon on a Tuesday it will be shipped out the next day.  If your order is placed between Wednesday-Sunday it will go out on the next week’s shipping cycle.

 We use priority USPS mail which takes 2-3 business days from the date that is shipped out, not accounting for weekends and holidays. We ship to all 50 states. You will receive a shipping notification email that we’ve shipped your order, with a tracking number.